Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aunt Andrea Recap

Lila at Festa da Crianca (Children's Festival) in Cascais on Sunday. This was taken moments before I "lost" her. Every parent's worst nightmare. There were, oh, I don't know, 1,000 people down at the festival and as we were crossing into another tent, I thought she was next to me or with my sister. Apparently not! Try finding your child when your grasp of the local language is barely beginner level. Can we say, "PANIC?!" Long story short, after 15-mins (all the while I was thinking I would never see her again), my friend, Amanda, tracked her down. Someone had noticed her down at the BEACH wandering around!! She had told my sister she wanted to go to the beach. I guess she was serious!

Olivia and her friend, Katie, at the festival.

Andrea had always wanted to go to a Cirque du Soleil show. It just so happens that a show was taking place in Lisbon. So, for her college graduation present, I brought her and then took her out to dinner (see picture above of her enjoying fresh coconut water after the show).

Andrea and I showing off our Cirque tickets. No pictures allowed in the show, unfortunately. Too bad because it was fabulous!

Lila playing with my hair while waiting for our lunch to arrive in Lisbon. This is one of my great life pleasures and she nearly put me to sleep!

Lila showing off her beautiful eyes!

Andrea and her nieces at the beach (notice Olivia's temporary tattoos on her belly. She will not let us take them off!).

Mommy and Lila catch some rays

Andrea boarded the plane this morning and is off to take her nursing boards! She studied hard each and every day she was here. We know she'll do well and can't wait to hear the news that she passed!


The Dunns said...

Looks like a fun visit! So glad you found Lila!!!!! That is so scary. I lost Mikey in a store for a couple minutes once -- running up and down the aisles looking for him, thinking of all the worst case scenarios. That was awful. Glad everyone is safe!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! I miss Portugal already. Thanks for an AMAZING trip!!! Nat, send me some of your pictures please!

Jay and Amie said...

Looks like such a great visit!! Nat- you are looking good too! :) Keep up the good work!

brenda said...

i have had panic moments like that too...i lost ben in a store and nora at the park...IKES! love the beach shots.

Katie said...

Becca was watching the video and looking at these pictures and I told her you guys live in Portugal and she said "I want to live in Portugal!"

Freaky that you lost her and she was at the beach. Holy crap. I'm so glad you found her! Looks like lots of fun with your sister!